Data Analytics

We are a team of highly qualified quantitative analysts and data scientists with expertise and experience across a variety of domains and over a range of skills. We provide services in data analysis and predictive analytics consultancy using machine learning for mathematically defined problem statements, leading to increased clarity, higher efficiency and greater profits for the client.

Our expertise covers diverse domains including BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, and more. We specialize in using various machine learning techniques, such as classification, clustering, regression, and optimization, across a range of platforms and languages including Hadoop, Spark, R and Python, to provide mathematical solutions for defined problem statements.

A snapshot of our projects


Healthcare Analytics

Develop Decision Support Systems (DSS) using image analytics and machine learning. These will assist the healthcare specialist in identifying relevant pathologies in patients based on features extracted from the images. We are currently working in MRI and Retina Image Analytics.



Financial markets

Identify relevant factors affecting the markets and how they can be used to predict and assess market movement, and use classification for identifying fraud within a sub-domain. We have worked on various projects in this domain, including Strategy Development and Portfolio Optimization, and Insurance Fraud Detection.



Data Science

Assess various risk factors and how they would impact a given economic situation. For a project in Geo-Political Risk Modelling, we detect events using real-time social media feeds and employ network theory to model the influence of impact on a particular country.

Internet of Things

IOT Analytics

Under the IoT domain, a project in IoT Analytics uses machine learning methods on a cloud network where signal generating items are connected. Moreover, a project in Assisted Living uses real-time data visualization for anomaly detection. Also, for a large oven manufacturer, a Predictive Maintenance model is being developed to predict when a particular device would be likely to fault and when to accordingly dispatch servicing to avoid a failure.



Retail Broking Analytics

Determine various factors that affect sales or services, and identify areas which could increase turnover and revenue. We hold experience in Recommender Systems and Click-stream Analysis.



Predictive Analytics

Regardless of the domain, we take a quantitative solving approach to a given problem statement. We have additionally worked on Network Failure Monitoring and Predictive Analytics Engine Development.