Quantitative Trading and Financial Investment

Quantitative Trading

We provide strategy-based investment advice to proprietary trading desks of brokerages, hedge funds, managed funds, corporate treasuries and high net-worth individuals (HNI/Super-HNI).

We look forward to interaction with people who are interested in taking an exposure in alternative investments based on systematic and mathematical methods as an asset class in their portfolio.

Strategy Highlights

Seek to identify and exploit robust patterns in today’s globally interconnected financial markets

Use techniques drawn from research in theoretical computer science, control systems, information theory, and statistics

Back-testing based on extensive market simulation, and evaluation on more than 30 performance parameters

Deployment of strategies geared to consider and deal with slippages

Quantitative Trading in Indian Markets

We have developed and implemented quantitative strategies in Indian equity, foreign exchange, derivative and commodity markets. The strategies on offer are diversified with respect to the asset classes on which they work on and also with respect to the average holding period.

Value Proposition:

We do not charge any up-front fees on the capital you deploy. We get paid only if you make money and after you make money.

We are not a brokerage nor do we have a list of “preferred” brokers. We can implement our strategies with brokers of your choice as long as the brokerage costs are at rock-bottom minimum or “0” (In case of proprietary trading desks).