Our Vision

To foster an organization which operates in an ethically upright manner and generates fair economic value for all its stake-holders, employees, clients, investors, and promoters.

Our Mission

To serve our clients by effectively delivering superior value-adding solutions for analytical problems using our expertise in data science and machine learning. Our aim is to make AlgoAnalytics a go-to name for high-end predictive analytics

From CEOs Desk

We started AlgoAnalytics in May 2009. Since then we have seen ups and downs in our fortune however, our guiding principle has always been to create an organization which operates in an upright manner and is fair to all the stakeholders Clients, Employees and Promoters. We believe this is the only thing which make existence of AlgoAnalytics worthwhile. Our passion is to operate at the intersection of computer science, mathematics and domain knowledge to create solutions which make non-trivial change to the top-line and bottom-line of our clients.

We work on the application of data science across domains. We have worked on problems from almost all industries. We have worked in medicine, we have worked on financial markets and we have analyzed click-stream data. If you have data and if you suspect there is lot of information in the data which you would like to visualize and use to perform predictive and prescriptive analytics, we can certainly work with you to make that happen.

- Aniruddha Pant, Phd.
CEO , AlgoAnalytics Pvt. Ltd.