A boutique data science firm is what we call ourselves – we go beyond traditional statistics and computer programming and extract actionable insights from data. We can use data emanating through varied sources like emails, phone calls, text, images, videos, social media, sound and many other. Our machine learning algorithms drive real value for customers and improve efficiency.

Algo, AlgoAnalytics' AI platform for Banking and Financial Services helps increase revenue and profitability with solutions like Churn Prediction and Prevention, Recommender Systems, Cross-selling, Credit Score, Automated Signature Verification, Automated Email replies, and many more. Check out Our Projects/Apps for solutions we offer across domains

Banking and Financial Services

Our predictive analytics solutions include churn, segmentation, Recommender System, credit score, fraud detection and others. Analytics enables banks and other financial companies to leverage huge past data to get customer insights and improve revenue and profitability…..


Retail & Ecommerce Services

Retailers, today are facing a very competitive environment and customer intelligence, merchandizing, marketing and supply chain logistics have become the keys to success. Our advanced analytics solutions use deep learning to help on line as well as off line retailers unleash power of data….


Healthcare Services

Our image analytics solutions identify presence of a condition with a high degree of accuracy thus facilitating further care. Other solutions include but are not limited to work flow optimization, reducing readmissions, mortality predictions…..



Practice of law produces humungous amount of data. Lawyers must go through the vast amount of legal information and evaluate the findings. We use techniques like Natural Language processing...




TextSense™ - an analytics platform that employs NLP and works with datasets to create summarizations of news or articles; Sentiment Analysis; Question Answering model and extraction of important keywords..

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