Our Technical Expertise

Types of Problems

Regression, Classification, Clustering, Recommendations, Image and Text Analytics, Data Mining and Rule Extraction, Constrained Optimizations, Information Retrieval

Data Types

Structured Data, Images, Text, Audios, Videos


Linear and logistic regression, decision trees and random forest, Xgboost, Nearest Neighbor Algorithms, Support vector machine (SVM), Dense Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Generative Adversarial Networks, Memory networks


Statistical Models (Linear and Nonlinear model, decision trees, etc)
Artificial Intelligence models(Feedforward neural networks, CNNs, RNNs)
Ensemble Techniques (bagging and boosting, stacking, etc.)

Programming Languages and Tools

Languages - Python, R, Shell scripting
Machine Learning - RStudio, Caret package in R, Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-Learn, Sklearn, Pandas
Deep Learning - Tensorflow, Theano, Keras
Text Analytics - NLTK, Gensim
Visualizations - D3JS, Plotly, ggplot2, Azure Power BI
Math Softwares - Matlab and Octave
Databases - MySql, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL
Cloud Services and APIs - Microsoft Azure, Google / Linkedin / Twitter / Facebook / Microsoft / IBM APIs
Web Applications - Python-Flask, Python-CherryPy, Javascripts frameworks