Time is always of essence in today’s world. Organizations across a wide spectrum of domains have to deal with loads of data and this takes up time and energy.

To reduce manual driven data research, the digitization of documents is essential. Once data is digitized, AlgoAnalytics’s  TextSenseTM platform using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Natural Learning Processing (NLP) can be deployed to derive meaningful information in quick time, saving loads of time and energy which can be better employed in the core functions.

TextSenseTM as a platform can be employed across many domains:

Retail:  Feedback driven Semantic Search, Customer Intent, Automatic Question Answering, Customer Sentiment Analysis

Law- Feedback driven Semantic Search, Court Case and Patent, similar court cases, Prior articles in patents

Healthcare: Automatic Question Answering, Automatic history, clinical notes comprehension, Research assistance, Aiding EHR creation, Automatic Discharge Summary Generation

BFSI: News Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Calls and Reports Analysis,

Check out what our Text Sense platform can do: Text SenseTM platform