We work closely with every client ensuring their business needs are met. By leveraging our technical, and domain expertise employing Machine Learning techniques, we derive useful insights from the gathered information. By combining  our business experience with scientific expertise we provide pragmatic solutions and support for your future business decisions.

Our data scientists and engineers are well equipped with the state-of-the art Machine Learning and Data Science techniques to:

  • Analyze your data and derive knowledge that can benefit your future business strategies
  • Employ deep learning networks and tools to help craft effective solutions
  •  Enhance insights into your business processes and products

A Glance at Our Company

Apply Predictive Analytics to Your Business
  • Increase of diagnostic accuracy using image analytics

  • Identifying At-risk patients

  • Reducing re-admissions

  • Billing errors reducing rejected claims

  • Workflow optimization

  • Cash flow forecasting

Banking And Financial Services and Insurance
  • Fraud detection

  • Risk analysis

  • Trading exchange forecasting

  • Insurance product cost optimization

  • Contracts Management

  • Structured Document Decomposition

  • Document Similarity  in Text Analytics

  • Predict number of days to win a case

  • Analytics for Enterprise Search
  • Recommendations

  • Market and customer segmentation

  • Churn rate analysis

  • Customer lifetime value prediction

  • Upsell opportunity analysis

  • Sentiment analysis in social networks

  • Content recommendations

  • (movies, music, articles and news)