Practice of law produces humungous amount of data. Lawyers must go through the vast amount of legal information and evaluate the findings. We use techniques like Natural Language processing, frequency based similarity, word2vec, TF-IDF and many others that would allow lawyers too quickly understand and use significant material thereby enabling them to complete research faster than manual processes.

  • Contracts Management – Automate/ semi automate manual labour to read/ extract information from legal contracts
  • Structured Document Decomposition – For a new document, identify probability of sentence belonging to each section
  • Document Similarity in Text Analytics - Finding semantically similar clause from standard clause library for each clause from input document
  • Predict no. of Days for Outcome of a Legal Case– Assessing impact of change of relationship manger on trading activity
  • Analytics for Enterprise Search - To find best matching search results for business problems
  • Other Use Cases – Automatic email classification, determining the topic of complaint etc.

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